Kaleidoscope of Art and Design was a two-day creativity conference held in September 2017 at The Nehru Center, High Commission of India, London, UK consisting of an exhibition followed by an international panel discussion.

Kaleidoscope of Art and Design

Kaleidoscope of Art and Design (KAD) began on September 4th 2017 with a solo exhibition of Smrita Jain’s acclaimed photography project Creating Durga.

On September 5th, the conference continued with presentations and a panel discussion of concepts ranging from art, design, visual thinking, sound creation to musical application. In addition to Smrita Jain, the panel speakers were Laura Plana Gracia and Alok Nayak. Sylvie Gormezano moderated the discussion.


Sylvie Gormezano has collected art for more than 20 years, with a passion and commitment to promote contemporary and emerging talent. picturethisproductions.co.uk

Smrita Jain began the evening with her paper on interaction between art and design and its value in cultural representation. Each case study she presented offered a different perspective and broke stereotypical impressions of Indian culture. smritajain.com

Laura Plana Gracia talked about introducing practice-based research that identifies and critically addresses key issues in curating sound art and how it differs from contemporary visual arts curation. netzzz.net 

Alok Nayak presented his paper about the invention of new traditions in Indian Classical Music, the Great British Gharana, and the process of innovation. The project is part of the larger study of the movement of the Indian diaspora and their cultural identity around the world. milapfest.com


What they are saying?

KAD website image 2.jpg
Listening to Laura Gracia explain her sonic arts experiments and projects was intriguing
— Shuchita, @swachirita
Thank you for bringing this exhibition to London, Smrita
— Steve, @__Interfaith__
Thanks for letting me discover a little more about India. The black and white pictures are my favourite ones because they are stimulating the imagination.
— Laura, @laurabazile
Alok’s sound creations were incredible! I listen to the CD’s he gave me practically every day!
— Swatika, @swatikajain
Great to see the process behind the magic of Durga Puja. Especially for a Calcutta born woman, living abroad for many years.
— Sanchita, @sanchita_m

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